Firefox 4 vs. Opera 11

6 February 2011
Opera Browser: Já experimentou?

I like Opera’s user
interface more.

Opera 11 came out recently and Firebox 4 is currently in a very advanced beta state, so it was time for a little browser competition.

+ Save bookmarks directly to folder
+ Select search engine directly typing search phrase
+ Private tabs instead of private mode
+ Design slightly better
– Search in site feature a bit strange

Mozilla Firefox black pins (wallpaper)

But thanks to ICC
color profiles, FF is
better for photos
By flod,
used under cc license


+ Many more extensions!
+ Easier to customize
+ ICC color profiles
– No status bar any more

In the end, I like Opera more, it feels more finished and overall is easier to use, but not having color profiles is pretty much a deal breaker for me. I just hope I will be able to re-create most of Opera’s killer features with Firefox extensions.

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