Another new macro lens

I got a second macro lens, the Sony 30mm F3.5. Although inferior to the 90mm in every way but weight, I hope it still has its use. The plan is to have it in the bag together with the 16-55mm and 55-210mm for a lightweight travel package that’s ready for every situation.

Shooting with the 30mm for the first time was a bit of a mixed bag. The lack of in-lens image stabilization is noticable and I found the manual focus very slow and quite uncomfortable. Looking at the zoomed-in pictures in camera, I was quite disappointed, but it turns out the image quality is better than I initially thought, so I don’t regret the purchase.

However, I’m not sure whether I will keep the 30mm or replace it with a fast manual 35mm because I’m having lots of fun with the manual Zonlai 22mm F1.8. We’ll see.

New macro lens

I have switched camera systems (from Sony A-mount to E-mount) and my new macro lens, the 90mm 2.8 OSS, arrived today. I took it out during my daily “exercise” and immediately came across a caterpillar posing for me.


The lens is absolutely lovely. I never really took my old Minolta 100mm macro out because I felt I could never get a sharp image handheld, despite the A77’s built in stabilizer. It seems the combined effect of the lens’s and the A6500’s stabilizers really makes a difference.

Central Perk Café

While I’m binge-watching Friends episodes (again) in self-isolation, I remembered visiting Central Perk in Beijing in 2015 (on my birthday, no less). Totally made my day. I never put the picture up anywhere, so here they are. The full gallery is here. Could the place BE any more awesome?

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