A Tale and Wires in the Walls

15 September 2010

It’s time to honor one of my favorite songs of the summer: Twin Jet Engines by Wires in the Walls (Homepage, MySpace). The song was just a borderline inclusion in my summer playlist, but it more and more grew on me and now it’s one of my favorite songs of the year. I like the slightly sad tune and the how vocals and guitar work together to support it. I also love the lyrics, especially “And I know this, too, shall pass“. That part always reminds me of a tale I once heard:

A king ordered the sages of his country to find him something that would make him said when he was happy and happy when he was said. Many came and gave their presents and ideas, but noone succeeded. Finally, an old man came and gave him a simple ring. The king asked him “How is this ring supposed to make me sad when I am happy and happy when I am said?”. And the old man said: “Look closely, your majesty, there is an inscription written on it”. And the king look more closely and indeed, there was a short sentences inscripted and it read “This, too, shall pass.”

Check out a live version of Twin Jet Engines or go over to MySpace for the original (Gasoline is also an excellent song, both songs are available on iTunes or Napster).

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