Photokina – Day 1

21 September 2010


Sony A55 –
I want one!
By 246-You,
used under cc license

Impressions from the Photokina – Day 1:

  • The Sony A55 is a heck of a camera: compact, yet feels good in hand, fast auto-focus, LCD and EVF are great. Plus all the nice compact features like face detection etc. Can’t wait for the A77.
  • The interface of the SONY NEX is really pretty awful, but I still like the camera with the pancake. The 18-200mm lens is too big for my liking, it negates the NEX size advantage.
  • The cheap Sony 85mm 2.8 seems surprisingly sharp even wide open. I’ll check the bokeh later.
  • 3D Sweep Panorama is a nice gimmick, but without a 3D television?
  • The auto-focus of the Fuji EXR300 is amazing. I have never seen anything so fast on a compact. Plus the stabiliser is really good and the zoom range impressive. If it had RAW, it would be very high on my shopping list.
  • The images of the Fuji Real 3D W3 don’t look very good in my opinion. Only the 3D movies looked good.
  • I don’t care much for the Samsung NX100 (why buy one if you could also have a Sony NEX???), but the WB2000 intrigued me. I love design of the battery life and card capacity indicators, the AMOLED LCD is amazing, 10 MP is just right and the 24-120mm is exactly what I would look for in a compact. I only wish the sensor would be 1/1.7 and the maximum aperature 5.8 in the tele would be faster (2.8 wide is fine), but it has RAW, so I will definitely consider it.
  • I think I will get a Wacom Intuos4 S. I liked it more than the Bamboo tablets. I still have to try out the competition though.
  • The Tamron 2.8 70-200mm currently leads the Sigma 2.8 70-200mm by a hair in the race to become my next lens for my Sony A700. The autofocus of the Sigma seems smoother, but the Tamron is by no means slow.
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